Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's my honey's birthday! Oh, and a the birth of a new blog... Our family blog!

On May 26th 24 years ago this amazing guy was brought into this world!

He's a cutie, right?

Anyways, so there are about a million things I LOVE about my hot husband. So, because I love him so much I decided to spoil him on his special day... We celebrated in style- WE WENT TO SIX FLAGS! Actually, Six Flags was mainly his idea so I decided to spoil him by giving him great presents, support him in wanting to go to Six Flags, plan a little party and make treats for all our friends to come celebrate with us! 
He got really excited.
Caleb with his gifts and his awesome card that his amazing wife got him;)
I even did my hair down for him because he likes it like that! I never do my hair, that just means I really do love him;)
Party at our house!

It was a great weekend at our house and can't wait for the next birthday to do something extravagant!
P.S- Tatsu and X2 are AMAZING rides. We for sure recommend them... Even though I felt like I was gonna fall to my death and Caleb had a major headache from them. Still FUN!

Oh, and I changed my blog as a single lady to a family blog. Hope you like!

Honeymoons are DEFINITELY the best part of getting married;)

We went on our honeymoon to Long Beach, Catalina, and Mexico on a cruise. It was a very fun time! We left our reception and went straight down to Long Beach to the hotel that my parents had given us. We stayed in Long Beach for 2 nights and on Monday boarded the Carnival Inspiration! It was a blast! There were so many fun things to do, so much food to eat, so many shows and comedy shows to go to, and so many cool things to see. We went on a submarine ride in Catalina which we loved and just walked around Ensenada, Mexico while Caleb showed off his Spanish speaking skills;) It's a good thing I had him because he was the one doing the talking and talking the prices down while I was buying stuff.

He's silly...
Our towel animals the stewards would make us.
Food coma!
Formal Night.

Submarine ride in Catalina.

So, it was a GREAT trip and we can't wait to go on another one!

Well.... We're married!

So, May 5th came along and we are married! We are loving married life so far and are so excited for our future together. The wedding day was AMAZING! When they say your wedding day will be the best day of your life, they weren't kidding. Everything worked out perfectly-and if it didn't work our perfectly we sure didn't know about it! We were a little worried that the weather would be bad because we were doing an outside reception and the weather in Victorville is very unpredictable but it was beautiful. No wind, heat or cold. It was a very perfect day and literally everything I dreamed of. My family and friends all helped (helped, as in did, haha) out and I am so grateful for them. So, here is a picture of us just outside the temple. Our photographer took tons of pictures but we haven't gotten them back just yet but when we do we'll put some up!

Here's to forever...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So, something really really great happened this weekend! I'm sure a lot of you already know but I'll tell you anyway... Caleb and I got engaged! We are so excited and can't wait to start our lives together. We are getting married May 5th- Cinco de Mayo. We will never forget our anniversary I'm sure, it's Mexican pride day! Maybe to celebrate we'll go to Mexico every year! Anyways, so, a lot of people are asking how he did it and such so I am going to tell everyone now. Guys, I am one lucky lady ;)
On Friday my old roomie Lora was coming down to visit. I was working the whole day and was going to get off at 4. I was working at the spa and the whole day I kept getting weird texts from Caleb like him asking exactly what Lora and I were going to do the whole night and he kept saying things like I should take a nap and asking when I got off work and if I was going straight home after work. He doesn't live here so I thought those were kinda strange questions. Now, this whole past week I was so annoyed with him for not proposing yet! I was being such a brat, if you can imagine that! Just kidding. Little did I know that night he was going to do some scheming and pop the question. So, I went home after work around 4 and took a nap until about 6:00 (I was VERY tired) when Lora showed up. We were just talking on the couch and my mom walks in and says "Before we go to dinner, we need to stop by Kristin's (my sister) house and turn off the lights." Kristin and Cole were out of town with their kids and the lie was that Kristin's friend had gone over to her house to borrow something and had left the lights on. So, we left to go turn them on and I open the garage door and hanging from the ceiling was a note that said " Follow the twine and rose petals".  I pointed to it and looked over at my mom and Lora who were in the car and was saying how cute it was cuz I thought my brother-in-law had done it for my sister for Valentines and she just hadn't cleaned it up yet. All of a sudden my mom and Lora just took off! I ran out to the street and called her and got all fussy asking why she had left! She just said to get in the house and turn off the lights. I went in, being very annoyed, and found rose petals all over the floor throughout the house and music playing. On the twine there were pics of Caleb and I and our relationship like a timeline. There were notes and stuff that we had given eachother. Now, I'm kind of a blonde some days and was thinking my family had done this and was thinking that they were so weird. Had no idea Caleb was there. Like I said, some days I'm sorta blonde. Not often, though. Not at all. I followed the petals outside and there were more pics of us and I got to the last paper on the twine and it said something about the day you get engaged... Today! I looked around and there was Caleb on his knee and he popped the question! I was so shocked! Of course I said yes, how could I not? He's the cutest!
So, there you all have it! I am soo unbelievably happy and can't wait for May 5th. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so blessed!

P.S- When Caleb and I had talked earlier that week and I was complaining about the fact that he hadn't asked me to marry him yet he was actually driving home from the store where he had designed my ring. I'm the worst sometimes, he forgave me for being a brat though. Like I said, I'm a lucky lady!

So, here are some pictures of it all!

This is us right after. What was going through my head was "Woo hoo, it's about time the punk asked!" Love him sooooo much!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My weekend.

Okay, so this weekend was AWESOME! I decided about a month ago to visit the bf- boyfriend. He lives in California like I have mentioned and is really super cute. So of course because he's sooo darn cute and great I decided to visit him! Of course. So I left on Thursday night- my dad didn't love that idea... Was saying something about how young girls can get raped or killed on the California freeways. He's a funny one! But very smart. Anyway, I left Thursday and got there around 10 his time and got home on Tuesday just in time for work. It was such a good long trip. Thankfully, I didn't choose to have a boyfriend further than just 4 hours. It's not too bad of a trip and it's all completely worth it:) So, here are some fun pictures of things we did!

Warning- There are A LOT of pictures. What can I say? I love pictures!

We went to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Rancho which is mmmhmmm delicious!

Went to the Bass Pro Shop which is HUGE! It was so cool. Sorry, it's a little blurry. Our picture taker was some random guy and wasn't the best picture taker.
Went to Scandia and went on the scariest ride, the Sky Screamer! Soo fun.


Went to the mall and acted super silly. I just love my retarded boyfriend:)

 Went miniature golfing.

 Kinect games!

More pics... I warned you there was a lot!

So, my trip was so very fun! I'm going back in 2 1/2 weeks for the Red Hot Chili Pepper concert. Can't wait!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Ummm, okay... Is this not the most adorable, sweetest, most amazing picture ever?! I think so. I want my husband to be exactly like this when he sees me coming down the aisle. Actually, not when I'm coming down the aisle because I'm kinda sorta planning on marrying in the temple and they don't have aisles... So, I guess just when he sees me coming wherever I come from in the temple I want him to be crying because he's so happy. He doesn't have to be cry but I would love it if he did. Anyways, best picture on Pinterest YET!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Okay, so I started a blog yesterday but it got lost somewhere. I have NO clue what happened to it so I just copied and pasted from the post I made yesterday. That is something that would happen to me, though. I am terrible with technology. I can look up the blog I made yesterday but can't log in and do a new post or anything because it says I have multiple accounts. Multiple accounts?? What? Weird. Anyways, here it is and hopefully whatever happened to it yesterday doesn't happen again.

I have decided to start a blog. I hope my life continues to be interesting enough to keep this up... Hmmm, if not I'll just make lots of cool things up. Just kidding! This will all be truth. I have always wanted to start a blog, just never found the time and always got confused as to how you start one... Believe me, it took me quite some time to figure out how to post this! I'm not very technologically savvy, haha. I guess I'll just start by describing myself. I promise you will not be bored :)

I'll start with what is very important to me. My church. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. I LOVE it. It is who I am and everything I rely on. It had definitely made/makes me who I am today. It affects every decision I make. As you can tell, I love it!!!

I have the most amazing family a girl could have. Yes, we are crazy, rude at times, insane, and sometimes a little dysfunctional but at the same time we are loving, caring, fun, and amazing. I would be jealous if I were you. Just you meet my family and you will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about being jealous and all. I am so happy to be with them forever!

I am an Esthetician and can honestly say I have found what I will ALWAYS love doing. Let me just tell you what that is since most people I tell that to say, " An Esthe- what??" It's a person who deals with skin care basically. It's so fun to be able to boost someone's self esteem (and us ladies know we need that at times) by a simple facial or waxing job. I love my clients. They have taught me a lot. I work at a spa and love it. I am wanting to work in the field of dermatology one of these days as an Esthetician. I will get there someday, I'm determined.

I also work for a company called Turn Community Services. I assist adults with special needs and LOVE it. I will never be able to quit unless the special needs adults all die one day or the company goes bankrupt and can't have employees anymore which I don't see that ever happening... I hope. I won't jinx it though.

I have an amazing boyfriend. We have been dating about 3 months and seriously ladies, when I say amazing I mean AMAZING! Not just oh, he's pretty cool. No, he is really something amazing. He is fun, funny, handsome :), spiritual, sweet and the list goes on. I'm one lucky gal. I also have the greatest friends of life! I am lucky enough to have been able to live with each one of my best friends at least once since I have been on my own. I can't really say I have specific best friends because the minute I meet someone, I consider them my best friend. Weird, I know, I know. But, I can't help it! I'm friendly and love friends.

Well, I'm done for the the night. I hope if anyone even cares to read this they will. I'm pretty excited for this and think I will have lots to say... Let's hope or this was all just a waste of time. I don't think it will be though.

Night, friends.